The Farm

The Farquharson family first acquired the property of Tillygarmond in 1579 before moving to Finzean House a few years later. Since then the Estate has passed through 15 generations.

The total area of the estate today extends to more than 4000 hectares, half of which is grouse moor. The land is managed as an integrated family business with an interest in conservation and the preservation of a viable community.

There are approximately 800 hectares of arable ground and extensive hill grazings. Forty years ago there were nearly 30 separate small holdings which, over the years, have been amalgamated amongst the tenant farmers or taken over by the “in hand” farming operation run by the family.

The family farm amounts to just under 340 arable hectares with rough grazings. There is a suckler herd of 170 cows served by Limousin and Simmental bulls, producing award winning beef calves which are finished on the farm.

86 hectares of spring barley aimed for the malting market are grown, and about 5 hectares of turnips for winter cattle feed. Sheep graze the stubble during the winter. All winter feed, grown on the farm, is usually sufficient to feed a total headage of about 450 cattle at peak times. Because of the climate, cattle have to be fed seven months of the year, before being turned out to the grass in May.

Several of the Finzean farming families are long-standing tenants with a history going back over 200 years on the Estate.

The Estate suffered on account of the compulsory wartime fellings and fellings to meet Estate Duty before the war, but over 520 hectares have now been replanted to restore the forest cover.  It is mostly stocked with Scots Pine of Glen Tanar origin.  Additional natural woodland has been encouraged and a further 215 hectares represents the most easterly genuine ancient native pinewood in Scotland. There are many other small mixed woodlands on the Estate which are managed for amenity, shelter and game protection. The total area now managed for woodland is around 800 hectares although not all is as yet fully stocked.


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